Parker Poyflex Hose and Fitting

Parker Poyflex Hose and Fitting

Parker 2390N BOP stack hoses / MUX Hotlines
Parker E213JFC4 , 2300 Series JIC Female Swivel Fitting
Parker E206JCC3 , 2300 Series JIC Female Swivel Fitting 
Parker E225JIC3 , 2300 Series JIC Female Swivel Fitting 
Parker E206JEC3 , 2300 Series JIC Female Swivel Fitting 

For those applications where collapse resistance is not an issue, Parker 2390N hose is an economical stack hose that offers a rugged construction and is ideal for pressure testing, portable hydraulic tools and for offshore hydraulic systems.

Parker’s 2390N is good suit as 1“ Hot line in continuous lengths up to 3000 m (9800 ft) for MUX System applications. These hoses are made from methanol washed PA11 core tube reinforced with layers of a high strength wire and jacked with a weather resistant thermoplastic cover.

Crimp your own assembly: BOP hoses and available as bulk hose on a drum and Crimp on a Parkrimp systems or on a free adjustable crimper

  •  Internal Diameter 1⁄2”, 1⁄4”and 1”
  •  Resistance to methanol, glycol and water based fluids
  •  Continuous lengths up to 3000m (9,800 ft)
  •  Cover: Polyurethene in Blue, green, yellow, black colours
  •  COLORGARD, dual colour safety feature with extra thick cover for superior abrasion resistance.
  • Temperature 100 °C , Max 70 °C safety for water or methanol based fluids
  •  Working Pressures up to12,000 psi (830 bar)