Rocol Wire Rope Dressing

Rocol Wire Rope Dressing

For a VGP Compliant wire rope lubricant, please see BIOGEN WIRESHIELD

Excellent internal and external lubrication

Protects against wear on guides and sheaves

Outstanding internal and external corrosion protection

Suitable for all non-friction drive wire ropes

Resistant to sea water

Approved to NATO and Naval Standards

Temperature range -30 to +100ºC

Rocol Biogen Tuflube

EXTREME Pressure: Unique additive package protects against metal wear.

EXTREME Corrosion Protection: Physical and chemical protection against pitting and corrosion.

EXTREME Adhesion: Blend of Hi-Tac boosters ensures staying power, can even be applied when submerged.

EXTREME Temperatures: Ideal for use in the hottest and coldest global climates.

EXTREME Versatility: Apply by hand or automatic pumping equipment.

HOCNF Classification ‘E’: Permitted for use in the North Sea.

Applications include:
Jacking Systems, Open Gears, Rollers, Slew Rings, Cantilevers, Pins, Booms, Winches, Joints, Couplings, Penstocks, Sluice Gates, Winding Gears and most other high load, slow speed mechanisms.