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Laundry pileup is a massive headache, especially when you require a daily change in work apparel. On top of that, the grime, grease, and spills from everyday tasks are hard to remove from thick protective clothing. Requiring multiple washes a day for the same workwear is inefficient and affects the productivity of your business.

Get rid of stubborn petrochemical and oil stains in one wash. With the stackable Electrolux washer and dryer tower, your clothes are ready to wear right out of the machine. Decrease your workers’ turnaround downtime with fast and effective wash at the push of a button.

Heavy Duty Strength Without The Fuss

Loading and unloading heavy laundry from the washing machine puts an unhealthy strain on your body. Furthermore, these tiresome, repetitive actions reduce your productivity.

But with the Ergonomic design of Electrolux’s front-loading state-of-the-art washers, everything you need is within arm’s reach. You no longer need to bend to uncomfortable heights for laundry jobs. Through the new and improved user-centric concept in the 6000 line, get a better overall experience.

Skip the hassle and automate. Electrolux washer and dryer gives you the choice of smart, automatic detergent dosing for the best results based on the weight of your laundry load.

Leverage the latest technological marvel in Electrolux washing machines. Keep tabs on your wash status and operate your washers and dryers remotely with the ClarusVibe intelligent interface.

Wash More, With Less Wastage

The Electrolux washer and dryer in the new 6000 line are built for maximum efficiency with minimal waste. Save energy, water and even detergent with every wash, saving you laundry costs in the long run.

Stack it up in a tower, and you get an Electrolux washer dryer combo. The unit takes up less square footage but washes up to a whopping 60kg a day. Save time with a larger load with these economical, commercial washers.

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