Maxi Laundry Machines at OTOM Services

Since 1994, MAXI Companies have created a full line of laundry equipment under one brand. Today, the MAXI Companies bring you “lean, mean laundry machines” — strong, durable, tough machines that will work hard for you.

We believe you will find them to be the most flexible, maintenance-free, energy-saving and ecologically sound machines in the world. And because you can buy from a single source, everything is simplified — sales and technical information, ordering, shipping, delivery, payment arrangements, spare parts and warranty fulfilment.

At OTOM Services, Maxi Laundry’s extensive product line is available for you to choose from. These include washers, dryers and dry cleaning appliances.

Maxi Laundry Washers

Depending on your needs, there’s a Maxi Laundry washer model for you! Maxi’s line of washers is divided into three product lines – the C, E and P Series. Capacities range from 8kg (18lb) all the way up to 220kg (485lb). Washers also come in three possible mounting configurations – washer/dryer stacking, hard-mount or soft-mount. Models that can be either hard-mounted or soft mounted are also available.

Maxi Laundry Dryers

Comprising four product lines (A, C, E and P Series), Maxi Laundry’s diverse selection of dryers means your needs will be met no matter what. Capacities range from 8kg (18lb) all the way up to 215kg (475lb), with a choice of either manual or microprocessor controls, or both.

Maxi Laundry Dry Cleaners

Dry Cleaning technology has come in leaps and bounds since the ancient Romans first started doing it a millennia ago. Maxi’s dry cleaning range comprises two product lines (the C and E series) and has capacities ranging from 9kg (20lb) to 36kg (80lb). Cleaning capacity is denoted by the number of  solvent tanks, with C and E series appliances having either 2 or 3 tanks. You can choose from either hydrocarbon or perchloroethylene solvents for your dry cleaning needs.