Keep Your Facility in Singapore Safe with Anti-Slip Stair Nosings

Anti-slip stair nosings are essentially a strip installed at the edges of each step on staircases to prevent slips and falls. It is commonly used on stairs at exit ways and all other applications where slip resistance or step edge contrast is an issue. If your facility in Singapore has a high amount of human traffic, staircases will be subjected to heavy wear and tear over time, increasing the likelihood of slips and subsequent injuries.

Benefits of Installing Anti-Slip Stair Nosings in Singapore

Improves Step-Edge Visibility

In low-light environments, it might be challenging to see the edge of a step, making it a potential safety hazard. Anti-slip stair nosings are reflective and can help you discern the edge of each step on a staircase, ensuring your safety and your staff or customer’s safety.

Illuminates Path to Emergency Exits

During a fire or other emergencies that can cause a power failure or blackout, photoluminescent strips embedded in luminous anti-slip stair nosings can safely guide people to emergency exits.

Reduces Injuries

There are plenty of high-rise buildings in Singapore, and as an alternative to waiting for lift service, individuals might opt to climb the stairs. Installing anti-slip stair nosings can help to eliminate any safety hazards associated with falls at staircases.

Which Anti-Slip Stair Nosing to Go For

Aluminium anti-slip stair nosings are optimal for concrete, wood and metal staircases, which are the common materials used in Singapore buildings. The nosing can be installed using a premium polyurethane adhesive, which assures the longevity of the nosing. Do note that carpeted or tiled stairs are not suitable to be fitted with aluminium anti-slip stair nosings.

For concrete, wood, and metal stairs, aluminium stair nosings can be installed using a premium polyurethane adhesive. Before installing, make sure the aluminium stair nosing is rigid enough for your application. Carpeted and tiled stairs may require an alternative installation method.

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