Prioritise Safety With OTOM Services’ Drill Floor Safety Mats

Working in the oilfield and marine industry can bring with it a list of potential dangers. A workplace should be kept as safe as possible for the many experts to go about their daily work. For those involved in work areas that are at risk of fluid spillage and slipping, it is crucial to guarantee their safety.

Keep your working environment clean and safe with the help of OTOM Services’ selection of drill floor safety mats. Designed with extreme resistance and perfect slip protection, you can be sure fluids would be drained away, and friction remains on every surface you walk on.

Protection First

High-risk areas such as drill or rig floor, or the rotary table, monkey board, and even walkways must be protected. The last thing you need is workers slipping due to poor drainage. The many different types of drill floor safety mats come with different thicknesses, are all anti-slip, and have optimised drainage to keep its slip resistance.

Designed With Purpose

Our drill floor safety mats are made from highly durable and heavy-duty material, such as polyurethane elastomer. This particular type of rubber can withstand most chemicals, and stand firm against high impact from heavy loads and equipment. The drill floor safety mats are also made to be fire retardant.

With drainage channel meant to drain fluids, mud, or other potential dangers away, you will always have a clean, safe surface to walk on.

Easy Maintenance

When it comes to keeping the different drill floor safety mats clean, all you need is a high-pressure hose. Steam cleaning can also work. The mats help prevent any unnecessary buildup of dirt and fluids, and you can easily reach all of its surfaces without a fuss.

Damage resistant and easy to maintain, this is OTOM Services’ promise for our product offerings when it comes to drill floor safety mats.