OTOM Services Angle Globe Valves Solutions

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, the importance of equipment cannot be understated. With the often high volume of flow that requires regulation, starting, and stopping, it is vital to have globe valves in place to assist with the process. If you are looking to allow unobstructed flow with the option of completely stopping the flow, a globe valve is the key.

Conventional globe valves can be used for either isolation or the throttling of services, and will come into use when pressure drop through the valve is not a factor for consideration. It is important to note that such globe valves do cause higher pressure drops when compared to straight-through valves.

The Right Angle For You

There are several body designs for globe valves, and the angle globe valve is one of the three primary body designs. The Tee Pattern and the Wye Pattern make up the other bodies.

To understand the angle globe valve, it is a modified version of the Tee Pattern globe valve. Instead of that valve’s horizontal and perpendicular nature, the angle globe valve ends are constructed at a 90-degree angle. As such, fluid flow will be required to make a single 90-degree turn.

Compared to the Wye Pattern globe valve, these have a lower coefficient of flow. If you are looking for a solution to regulating pulsating flow, the angle globe valve will be perfect for you.

Satisfying Your Needs

At OTOM Services, our solutions, including the angle globe valves, are specifically designed to help control flow effectively without fear of failure. Our products cover a wide range of flow control, pressure drops, and functions that will suit your every need.

In addition to angle globe valves, OTOM Services also provides services and products like laundry equipment, offshore handling tools, and more for the oilfield and marine industry. You can learn more about other product offerings from OTOM Services here.